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Best 5 Easy SEO Tips for Small Businesses

5 Simple SEO Tips

Getting your company’s website to rank higher in the SERP’s (Search Engіne Results Pages) on the web’s mоѕt in-demand lookup sіtes (i.e. Google) can sometimes be very frustrating. Finding and hiring the right SEO firm is no easy task, they will each have their own ideas and techniques on what works and what doesn’t – […]

IP / URL Canonicalization Errors

301 Redirect URL Canonicalization Issues

Okay before we get into this topic, let me just clarify my reason for spelling it “Canonicalization” and not “Canonicalisation”. I am british, but having worked with the U.S. based SEO companies for many years it grew on me their way of spelling. For those readers that are British, I am referring to IP / […]

Bad Link Building Campaign

Poor Link Building

I was approached by a local taxi firm that needed my help getting them back on Google after a linking campaign went really bad. The last company was hired for a simple link building campaign and they said in their sales pitch that the campaign would include all of the following: Keyword Analysis Competitor Analysis […]

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